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Associate Producer for Tisch New Theatre

What is Offstage?

All 14 songs were written & performed by students.

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OFFSTAGE | Work in Progress
OFFSTAGE | Currently Unnamed
OFFSTAGE | Training Wheels
OFFSTAGE | Free Yourself
About the Production
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“Offstage” is a three-part virtual concert in which a diverse range of artists will come together and explore one topic: identity. What is identity and what does it mean to you? “Offstage” attempts to answer these questions through music addressing who we are as artists and individuals. In a world where theatre as we know it seems so far away, “Offstage” begins to rewrite our rules: throughthese songs, we hope to redefine what narratives are brought to our stages and shine a light on those stories too often left untold.

Check out the preview concert!
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