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ONE NIGHT ONLY: Tisch New Theatre takes The Cutting Room stage with "Spring Awakening: In Concert," which embraces the contemporary rock genre as the youth revolt against adult conformity.


"Spring Awakening: In Concert" reimagines the 2006 musical by combining the show's message of empowering youth to speak up with rock music: the genre born to challenge societal expectations and strive toward systemic change. The story follows young teenagers discovering sexuality within a repressive society that withholds knowledge, authority and autonomy. TNT's production transforms the songs to embody fan-favorite rock genres and redefines the concert experience through innovative storytelling.

"We are living in a turbulent time filled with the loss of our rights. Between the overturning of Roe v. Wade, curtailing the E.P.A., and the persistent hate that lurks in the country, many people feel betrayed by the government and a sense of hopelessness. Tisch New Theatre chose to produce "Spring Awakening: In Concert" because of the story's message of empowering people to speak up for the change they want to see. Our choice to give the music a stronger rock flare is designed to act as an outlet for the emotional growing pains that come with fighting for justice" Producer Sasha R. Cohen said.

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Sold out in
7 hours 

330 Attendees


Totally F*****Tisch New Theatre
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Production photos


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